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7 11, 2017

What Should I Look For In A New Gynecologist?


Many women find it difficult to find the right gynecologist. Due to this, it may lead to a feeling of anxiety or worry. However, finding the right gynecologist is a process that takes time. For most women, a relationship with a gynecologist is very personal and sometimes lifelong. It should be noted that privacy [...]

9 10, 2017

Primary Care Services at Understanding Women


Today’s woman faces various health challenges. These challenges tend to increase as she gets older. Considering the importance of a woman in the society, such health issues cannot be taken lightly, and this is where The Understanding Women Clinic comes in. We understand that health plays an important part of your life. It is [...]

12 08, 2017

We Provide Urodynamic Testing for Urinary Incontinence


Urodynamic testing is a measurement done to check the efficiency and function of the bladder, so as to establish the cause of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a health condition that affects more roughly 18 million women in the United States. It has a negative effect on the quality of life, and if left [...]

12 07, 2017

Why It’s Important to Visit a Gynecologist for Regular Checkups


A visit to a gynecologist can be considered an important rite of passage for women. This means that your body is maturing, which is both exciting and scary, most especially for those who are unsure about what to expect. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG, the recommended age for [...]

30 06, 2017

Healthy Healing After Delivery


Although we do not deliver babies, we do offer treatment options for women to improve healing after childbirth. Pelvic floor rehabilitation and biofeedback therapy as shown to improve healing post delivery as well as decrease risks of urinary or fecal incontinence later in life. Treatment is designed to provide early options for prolapse, urinary [...]

30 06, 2017

Finding A New Gynecology Services Clinic In Phoenix, AZ


High quality, passionate healthcare is of the utmost importance. A woman’s health is not only important to her, but it’s also important to her husband, her family, and everyone around her. If you live in Arizona, you know how important it is to find a reputable, experienced gynecologist to see regularly. Here at Understanding [...]

16 12, 2015



At Understanding Women GYN, our breadth, knowledge and education on fibroids allows us to offer the best options for fibroid management. We are hysteroscopic specialists and experts. We are skilled in removing even the most challenging and troublesome intracavitary fibroids. We are one of very few practices that offer the ablation/UFE duo as a [...]