Finding a New Gynecologist in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you’ve moved, or your previous doctor moved, there comes a time in all our lives when we need to find a new gynecologist. What’s the first step? Let’s run through some tips and recommendations for choosing a new doctor easily, without much effort.

Before even beginning your search, ask yourself this simple question: “what are my needs?” Knowing this upfront will help you find the right doctor for your unique situation. If you’re replacing a doctor that used to do your annual checkups, look specifically for those services. If you’re looking to have a specific procedure done, look into those types of doctors specifically.

Finding A New Gynecologist In Phoenix

If your doctor has moved, talking to family members or friends is a great first step. Getting trusted referrals is one of the easiest ways to find a new doctor and make an appointment. The great thing is, with anyone new that you see you’ll be able to setup a consultation to get to know them over a checkup. If it doesn’t work out, all you have to do is some more research. So don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you’re the one moving to a new area, you may not have a strong network of friends built up just yet. Doing your research online and comparing reviews is your next best bet. After finding a gynecologist in Phoenix, look up more information about them, including their credentials, history, and specialties. The great news is, thanks to technology, you’ll have the ability to do all of your research in one place online. Remember to also look at third party websites that offer reviews on doctors as well.

After you’ve looked into a potential new doctor’s credentials, understanding more about their experience is a very important step. Here at Understanding Women, Dr. Keri Sweeten has focused her time, efforts, and energy on providing exceptional, compassionate service, including quality of life procedures for women. We pride ourselves on empowering women, helping them look and feel their best each and every day.

Dr. Sweeten is a board-certified gynecologist in Phoenix, who founded Understanding Women in 2003. She’s been in practice for well over a decade now, clarifying her mission and improving the quality of life of each patient one appointment at a time. If you’re here in Phoenix, we’d love to have you stop by for a consultation to get familiar with us and Dr. Sweeten. If you’ll be visiting us for the first time, please download your New Patient forms and fill them out before coming in for your appointment.

If you haven’t made your appointment yet, please give us a call at 602.393.0661. We’d be happy to help answer your questions and get you scheduled today. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in soon.