How Yoga Can Help Keep You Healthy

Yoga has been a popular go-to for both men and women for decades now because it simply works. Low-impact and easy on the joints, yoga can be performed by all ages – yes even those in their fifties and can help prevent many health conditions as it is a form of exercise and it burns calories continually, too. But how does yoga actually help the body become healthier? Here are just some of the benefits of yoga worth noting:

Health Benefits of Yoga

#1 Flexibility – Yoga helps improve muscle and joint flexibility, leading to better mobility later in life. Stretching is just one of the key movements you’re going to enjoy when doing yoga. When you’re just starting out, you will barely be able to reach different points of your body and that’s fine.

Flexibility is something that you develop over time. With better flexibility comes better mobility. With less pain while moving you will also feel more motivated to do other physical activities. All these exercises will add up over time – and the impact on your overall wellness will be nothing short of amazing.

#2 Muscle resistance and strength – Toned muscles do more than just improve your physical appearance. Women don’t perform yoga just to look good; they do it because it benefits the entire body. With better-toned muscles, you will have stronger and more resilient bones, too. You will also be able to minimize acute or chronic pain associated with conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. Conditions like osteoporosis and scoliosis can also be improved with regular exercise like yoga.

#3 Posture improvement – Ever wondered what good posture is really about? Let me tell you in simplest terms: it’s about perfectly balancing your head on your spine. Yes, there is a natural alignment that guides the body’s posture.

However, over time this natural alignment degrades and is eventually changed, which leads to bad posture. When your posture suffers, your body begins to experience pain and it’s generally more difficult to move because your head is misaligned with the rest of your spine. Yoga helps improve a person’s posture by pulling the body back to its natural alignment through a series of flowing movements and poses.

#4 Cartilage protector – Cartilages are the soft, spongy material found between bones. They comprise our joints, which allows our hands, fingers, feet, toes and other body parts to move. With minimal movement over the years, cartilages and joints in general begin to degenerate. Yoga helps prevent further cartilage loss by encouraging tissue growth and healing in joints. When cartilages are ‘squeezed’ by new physical movements, a better inflow of nutrients necessary for joint repair and growth are routed by the body to the cartilages. If you do this frequently enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can run marathons even if you’re in your forties or fifties!

#5 Cardiorespiratory health – When you breathe, the body takes in oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from your system. However, many of us breathe poorly because we don’t move as much as we used to. Exercises like yoga force the body to breathe more naturally, resulting to better oxygen intake and removal of CO2 from the bloodstream. Exercising also leads to better heart health, which reduces the incidence of stroke or heart attack.

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