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From Incontinence to In-Control

Think its all part of normal aging? Think it's uncommon? Its Not. You don't have to suffer with it. Effective treatment is easier than you think.

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition that can have many different causes and treatments. Millions experience the loss of freedom and control associated with urinary control problems. Incontinence disrupts women's activities, lives and career. The frustration and embarrassment can take a heavy toll on your emotional well-being and personal relationships. Don't be a prisoner to your bladder any longer.

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InTone – Stops Bladder Leakage – Guaranteed!It has been Dr. Keri Sweeten's professional experience that most patients overlook these issues as a result of certain myths: normal part of aging, little can be done, treatment is invasive or there is a high failure rate. Don't keep putting it off. The facts are what most women today don't realize is that most types of incontinence are both treatable and preventable. There are current, safe and effective minimally invasive procedures that can help you control this condition, stay active and be confident. Talk to Dr. Sweeten today about your symptoms.

There are choices and hope for relief. Dr Keri Sweeten and her staff are compassionate about helping, committed to the treatment of incontinence offering state of the art diagnostics and possessing specialized and current training that few others in Arizona do.