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If your lifestyle has been altered due to urinary control issues and you haven't found success with other treatment options there is still hope.

You know that constant need to run to the bathroom or that nagging fear you might leak urine at the most inopportune moment? Urinary control problems can consume your thoughts so you're busy worrying about your little prison sentence while life passes you by.

If you have tried other treatments like diet modification, biofeedback and medications and still experience bladder control problems you may be excited to know there is another option, InterStim Therapy. This FDA-approved treatment can eliminate or greatly reduce bladder control symptoms for men and women suffering from urge incontinence, urgency-frequency or urinary retention problems. So you can return the life you once enjoyed without worrying about where the next bathroom is.

What is Interstim?

InterStim Therapy works with the pelvic nerves located near the tailbone. The sacral nerves control your bladder and the muscles related to urinary function. There are many situations where the pelvic nerves become dysfunctional and/or over stimulated. If the brain and sacral nerves don't communicate properly the nerves cannot tell the bladder to function properly which can lead to bladder control problems. InterStim Therapy targets this communication problem by modulating the nerves with mild stimulation.

Nothing Else has worked. How do I know if this will?

Every time your doctor suggests a new treatment only to discover it doesn't work for you, you surely feel a bit more frustrated. Who wouldn't? Well while InterStim Therapy isn't right for everyone, it has helped thousands of people just like you greatly reduce or eliminate their bladder control symptoms.

Latest Development for Patient Convenience "Perc Test"

To help discover if InterStim Therapy will work for you a test stimulator has been created so you can try InterStim Therapy without making a big commitment. The test stimulation or "perc test" involves... . During the trial stimulation, which typically lasts three to five days, you may continue many of your daily activities with caution. You will keep a diary to document your urinary symptoms or the lack thereof.

If you experience a 50% improvement in your urinary symptoms and parole from bladder prison that you have longed for then long term InterStim Therapy can be our next life changing conversation.


Questions About InterStim Therapy Trial Assessment (Perc Test)

Questions About Long-term InterStim Therapy