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Is InTone Right for You?

Is InTone Right for You?

InTone is the preferred bladder leakage solution for women who experience these symptoms:

InTone has been used by thousands of women and 93% report significant improvement. Most are completely dry and no longer wear pads.

The results are so impressive; we guarantee that InTone, if used correctly, will stop bladder leakage and urgency permanently. If after following the treatment plan with your physician you are not satisfied with the results, InControl Medical will refund 100% of the device purchase price to you or your insurance company.

Some insurance companies reimburse for medical devices, some do not. Some insurance companies believe that bladder leakage is a lifestyle issue not a health issue. Insurance companies do not reimburse for pads and some don't believe they should reimburse for a cure either.

InTone is a one-time purchase that belongs to you for use in the privacy of your own home. Used correctly with guidance from your physician, bladder leakage and urgency will no longer affect your life.

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