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StopFlo Endometrial Ablation - A Minimally Invasive Procedure

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Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation: A Minimally Invasive Procedure That Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

StopFlo Endometrial Ablation

Imagine Life Without Your Period!

How much is it worth being able to:

Who is a candidate for Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation?

A woman is a suitable candidate for endometrial ablation if she has abnormally heavy or prolonged menstrual periods and has completed childbearing. Endometrial ablation eliminates the endometrial lining. 90% of women experience a dramatic reduction or complete cessation of menstrual bleeding. While menstrual flow may not be a major problem for most women, others find that the regular periods continually create inconveniences in their lives that they would rather live without. This procedure helps to avoid hysterectomy in 97% of appropriate candidates before menopause.

How does the Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation work?

This FDA-approved technological advancement in women's healthcare is a procedure that effectively reduces (and in many cases, eliminates) a woman's period. It is a one-time, minimally invasive procedure that treats and permanently removes the endometrium or the lining of the uterus. These women have the option of choosing a procedure called Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation. Stopflo™ can be performed in less than an hour under mild sedation, usually for the cost of a copay.

This specific type of endometrial ablation can be a more positive experience compared to other solutions that many women have tried in the past. Before, women may have taken hormones, used injectable contraceptives, or inserted IUDs in order to manipulate their monthly periods; they may even have undergone a hysterectomy, the major operation to remove the uterus. Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation is a quick procedure that uses radiofrequency to effectively treat the endometrium; most women can go home within an hour after the procedure and resume normal activity in about two days.

After the Stopflo™ endometrial ablation, women will no longer have to worry about excessive bleeding that can cause anemia and other health problems. They can avoid the negative side effects of hormone therapy and the invasive impact of a hysterectomy. A woman will no longer have to skip certain activities or refrain from wearing certain pieces of clothing. They can also take part in a wider range of activities that menstruation often caused them to avoid in previous times. They can also experience a dramatic reduction of painful cramps. With endometrial ablation there are no pills involved, and no hormonal side effects.

Call today and Stop the Flow...period!

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If you believe you could be a candidate for the Stopflo™endometrial ablation and want to put a stop to your heavy, inconvenient period, trust Dr. Keri Sweeten and her team of experts at Kerisma/Understanding Women.

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Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation Success Stories

"Whenever people ask about my ablation procedure, I tell them it is the best gift any woman could ever give to herself. I have not regretted one day since having this procedure with Dr. Keri Sweeten and her amazing staff. It was such a simple procedure, virtually no pain, and I was back to work the next day. Best of all, no more soiled underclothes or those uncomfortable moments when I'd previously had to bail because something more "urgent" came up. I chose Dr. Keri Sweeten's office because of her reputation and the professionalism with which her office was run. Truly, Dr. Sweeten is the best at what she does and has my full confidence. I recommend her to you without hesitation."
- Lora

"I really liked the fact that I had the procedure done on Thursday and I was back to work on Monday. No lost work and no pain or problems. Shoot, don't even know I had anything done I feel so good".
- Carrie

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