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Stopflo Success Stories

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Stopflo Success Stories

"Whenever people ask about my ablation procedure, I tell them it is the best gift any woman could ever give to herself. I have not regretted one day since having this procedure with Dr. Kerri Sweeten and her amazing staff. It was such a simple procedure, virtually no pain, and I was back to work the next day. Best of all-no more soiled underclothes or those uncomfortable moments when I'd previously had to bail because something more "urgent" came up. I chose Dr. Keri Sweeten's office because of her reputation and the professionalism with which her office was run. Truly, Dr. Sweeten is the best at what she does and has my full confidence. I recommend her to you without hesitation."
- Lora

"I am a 46 year old active woman, although I suffer from fibromyalgia. The pain of menstrual cramps every month was one more discomfort I was tired of dealing with, along with the inconvenience of my period. I am very glad I had the endometrial ablation. The procedure was quick and painless, as was the recovery period. I highly recommend ablation by Dr. Keri Sweeten".
- Sharon

"I am so glad I had the ablation done. I was scared at first to do it but now that I have had it done I have gained back my life. I would recommend this to any one who wants to stop her periods. I feel free at last. I wish I found out about this procedure years ago".
- Rachel

"I am a business owner and need to be available at all times. My life for the past couple of years has been that of pure misery. My flow made it impossible for me to function or even leave my home at times. My decision to have the procedure done through Understanding Women was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The procedure was quick and painless, and my recovery time was only a couple of days with no pain pills needed. I researched other alternative procedures only to find more problems with after surgery side effects and recovery time. I would not hesitate to refer my female friends and family members to the Understanding Women center".
- Cynthia

"I really liked the fact that I had the procedure done on Thursday and I was back to work on Monday. No lost work and no pain or problems. Shoot, don't even know I had anything done I feel so good".
- Carrie

For further information regarding any procedure, or to confidentially speak to one of our qualified personnel, please contact us at (602) 393 0661, or at (866) STOPFLO.