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Mixed Incontinence

Most patients have a combination of incontinence types. Especially prevalent are patients with both stress incontinence and urge incontinence. It is important to assess the proper type of incontinence for the most appropriate and effective treatment modality. It has been Dr. Keri Sweeten's professional experience that most patients overlook [...]

Overflow Incontinence

Overflow incontinence occurs due to an inability to completely empty the bladder so there is a constant or frequent small amount of urine leakage. Or the bladder becomes overfilled and the urine leaks out because the bladder can no longer hold any more urine. Takes a long time to [...]

InTone Frequently Asked Questions

A: InTone is a medical device that allows you to treat your bladder leakage using the most effective, non-invasive treatment strategies available. InTone combines proven technologies to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and is designed to be used in the comfort and privacy of your home. A: InTone [...]

Dr. Keri Sweeten Becomes an InTone Specialist

Urinary incontinence, or bladder leakage, affects up to 30 million American women. Symptoms of stress incontinence include leakage that occurs after coughing, sneezing, laughing, or during exercise and is often related to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Symptoms of urge incontinence include a strong, sudden need to urinate due to [...]

InTone Performance Guarantee

InControl Medical, LLC has great confidence in its InTone device for female urinary incontinence based upon the results of thousands of women who have used InTone. However, in the unlikely event there is a clinical reason InTone does not work for you, InControl Medical offers the following money back [...]

Is InTone Right For You?

InTone is the preferred bladder leakage solution for women who experience these symptoms: Bladder leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise Sudden urges to go to the bathroom Wake up at night multiple times to go the bathroom Bladder leakage stops you from doing things you want to [...]

Stop Bladder Leakage and Female Incontinence with InTone

Get InTone, Kick the Leakage to the Curb and Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Pelvic floor therapy with InTone is a non-surgical approach to improve the function and strength of the pelvic floor muscles. InTone is the first medical device that combines muscle stimulation and patient-directed [...]

Permanent Birth Control Options For Women

If one thing's for sure, it's that life happens in stages. This is true for our work lives, relationships, and even our health. If you're finished having kids, it may be time to look into a permanent birth control option. There are many different kinds on the market, and [...]

Couples Looking for Permanent Contraception

Wait no longer! There is a safe, easy procedure now available at Understanding Women. Essure is a sterilization procedure for women performed by an Essure Accredited Practice (EAP) physician. Dr. Keri Sweeten is the first doctor in the state of Arizona to be a certified EAP physician and is [...]

Finding a New Gynecologist in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you've moved, or your previous doctor moved, there comes a time in all our lives when we need to find a new gynecologist. What's the first step? Let's run through some tips and recommendations for choosing a new doctor easily, without much effort. Before even beginning your search, [...]

Understanding How Stopflo™ Works

Here at Understanding Women, we pride ourselves on empowering women to look and feel their best, inside and out. Dr. Sweeten has spent a lot of her energy, time, and unique talents focused on coming up with, and providing premier quality-of-life procedures for women. One we'd like to specifically [...]

Taking Control Of Your Life With Endometrial Ablation

Many consider menstruation as a sort of rite of passage for girls. But to some women who suffer from heavy bleeding, menstruation is a monthly scourge they can do without. For one, heavy blood flow means that they need to change sanitary pads and tampons more frequently while some [...]