Life After Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation: High Quality, Healthy and Happy

Most women regard their monthly period as terribly inconvenient. During this time, they feel bloated and uncomfortable. They may feel cramps or discomfort, and may be a little bit too emotional. They may feel tired of the impracticality of buying pads or tampons and the frequency of needing to run to the ladies room to change. They can have difficulty completing their tasks and errands, being limited to “safe” outfits and activities. Despite all these challenges, most women have learned how to put up and deal with their monthly miseries through various techniques and distractions.

However, there are also several women for whom even the highest dosage of pain medications (or the most decadent food binge) will never be enough to make the pain and discomfort go away. Heavy period sufferers endure extreme pelvic pain, weakness and headaches. They experience poor social lives and cannot organize their travel or work schedules. They have to spend a lot for various expenses that may help them manage their heavy bleeding and all sorts of things such as heavy duty pads, acupuncture sessions, anti-pain therapies and heavy laundry loads from stained clothes and bed sheets.

Various studies have shown that women with heavy period problems suffer from poor quality of life. A lot of them simply couldn’t function well; there are even unfortunate women who have to endure very heavy bleeding for weeks-far longer than the typical 3 to 5 days of menstrual flow. For these women, the best way to address period problems once and for all is through the effective, one-time procedure Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation. Endometrial ablation is a treatment that permanently incapacitates the uterine lining from regenerating in future cycles, and therefore stop (or at least significantly reduce) the monthly bleeding.

Trained gynecologists use a number of techniques for obliterating the endometrium, including heated water, thermal balloon, electricity, freezing or microwave. Stopflo™ uses radiofrequency energy, making it one of the fastest, most minimally invasive and most successful endometrial ablation techniques. A Stopflo™ procedure is fast and simple—it’s done within 30 minutes in an outpatient setting. After the procedure, the woman just needs to rest for a while and take mild pain medication. Because no surgery or incisions were required, she can resume normal duties the very next day.

The results may vary; some women will have no more periods two cycles after the procedure, while some experience their periods gradually diminishing for the next 3-6 cycles until complete results take effect. There are no side effects or long-term risks involved.

Stopflo™ is a great option for women who have completed childbearing. The liberation and relief it brings from heavy and difficult periods result in a higher level of confidence and a better quality of life for women. As with all medical procedures, it’s highly recommended to consult a trusted, experienced and highly competent specialist first in order to guarantee safe, fast and maximum results from Stopflo™ endometrial ablation.