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Say Hello To Spring

Say Hello To Spring

It's Spring–go outside and move your body. Spring in Arizona is the season residents and visitors alike wait for in eager anticipation.

The desert terrain bursts into a canvas of unimaginable beauty as delicate desert wildflowers blanket the landscape. It's the perfect opportunity to partake in this visual feast and outdoor activities offered by the Arizona State Parks. Go for a hike, a nature walk or bike the trails. The American Heart Association (AHA) reports regular exercise leads to heart-healthy habits that can counter conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and poor cholesterol levels, which can cause heart attack and stroke. In general, as people age, they become less physically active.

According to the AHA, nearly 40 percent of people over age 55 report participating in no exercise. Yet, as we become older, we need more regular exercise, not less. 65 percent of all adults are obese or overweight and the number continues to increase. Use these findings to inspire you to keep up an active lifestyle, with guidance from your doctor.
Annual Well Woman Exams

Annual Well Woman Exams

Annual Well Woman exams help you prevent disease, maintain your health, identify problems before they become serious and learn to understand your own bodies.

Well Woman Care at Understanding Women includes:

  • Physical Exam
  • Screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Treatment for vaginal infections, bladder infection and sexually transmitted infections
  • Answers to your questions about sexual health
  • A wide range of birth control options

Will Not Willpower To Lose Weight

Now that winter is officially over, it's time to shed those extra layers of clothing and get outside more. Winter hibernation often leads to weight gain. First the holidays roll around, and we all know that means a few extra pounds. Before we know it, New Year's Resolutions are made. Have any of those stuck or have you fallen off track? If so, no big deal. We often muster willpower and dig our heals in and grit our teeth in the hope of losing "X" amount of pounds as quickly as possible. The weight loss process (or your desired goal) doesn't require "willpower" because it's not sustainable.  At first the resolve is unshakeable, but it can't last because you are not striving to change a habit. Changing a habit requires "will". WILL begins with understanding what you really want and how you want to FEEL, how you want to BENEFIT. This is the most critical part of goal setting. We must attach an emotion to your goal. Example: "When I lose 20 lbs., I will have enough energy to run around at the park with my kids, something I have missed doing for years." or "When I lose 15 lbs., I will have more confidence wearing the little black dress of my dreams at my reunion."

The nature of will is very different than willpower. If willpower actually worked, every one of our New Year's resolutions would have worked. Willpower is inconsistent. It's an elusive force. We're causing ourselves to do something. It lacks permanency. It's like trying to hold a beach ball under water. "I'm going to make this beach ball stay under the water!" You can do it for awhile. Eventually you become tired or distracted, and oops, the ball pops back up. That's what happens when we mean to change a habit but we try using willpower.

You can summon WILL to generate amazing results in your life. Ask yourself this question,"What is ONE THING that I could be doing that I'm not currently doing, that IF I do so on a regular basis would move me in the direction of my goal? WILL begins with a decision. This can be a baby-step. Make a decision to do one thing consistent, for a specific amount of time. Example: "I will walk 10 minutes during my lunch break everyday for 7 days" or "To reduce sugar cravings and belly bloat, I will replace one soda with a glass of water or green tea every day for 14 days". Once you begin to take action that moves you closer to your goal, you'll build momentum, it feels good, and it becomes easier and a new habit is then born. The key: be aware of what you could do and take action to do it more consistently. Take small steps toward change and it will stick!
Spring Time Slim Down

Spring Time Slim Down

If your goal is weight loss, another very simple addition to your daily routine is taking advantage of this month's special, our Spring Time Slim Down all-natural, yet powerfully effective supplement program.  Lose up to 10 lbs in 30 days, gain energy and curb cravings!

Are you trying to lose weight but nothing seems to work? Are you frustrated with imbalanced hormones and you seem to be gaining weight for seemingly no reason? Do you need a weight loss jump start?

If you find yourself stuck on a plateau or not losing weight like you want to, put a little spring in your step with our Spring Time Slim Down special.  Includes a 30-day supply of 3 very effective natural, stimulant-free, supplements for 30 days: Thermo Elite, Lepitrim and 4 Skinny Shot Extreme. Thermo Elite® with Garcinia Cambogia is a revolutionary approach to weight loss. You've probably seen Garcinia Cambogia in the news. What we have done is to further boost its fat burning and appetite suppression power with our unique patented blend of 4 additional key ingredients. LepiTrim Elite® Clinically studied fat reducing supplement shown to significantly improve body composition by decreasing fat and increasing lean muscle. Skinny Shot Extreme®, weekly powerhouse injections include the vitamin B team, as well as lipotropics and amino acids. Our Skinny Shot Extreme lipotropic injections boost metabolism, increase energy, detox the body, effectively speed up the removal of fat, prevents excess fat buildup, trim your waistline, reduces inflammation, and so much more! Call us today to SLIM DOWN! 602-393-0661
Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation Success Story

Stopflo™ Endometrial Ablation Success Story

"Whenever people ask about my ablation procedure, I tell them it is the best gift any woman could ever give to herself. I have not regretted one day since having this procedure with Dr. Keri Sweeten and her amazing staff. It was such a simple procedure, virtually no pain, and I was back to work the next day. Best of all, no more soiled underclothes or those uncomfortable moments when I'd previously had to bail because something more "urgent" came up. I chose Dr. Keri Sweeten's office because of her reputation and the professionalism with which her office was run. Truly, Dr. Sweeten is the best at what she does and has my full confidence. I recommend her to you without hesitation." - Lora

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