Optimal Female Health & Wellness: Why A Specialist Is Key

Attaining peak female wellness can be easy if your primary care provider specializes in female reproductive health and has broad experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of female reproductive health problems. Gynecology is essential for female health and you must always give your body the best possible care.

Optimal Female Health Wellness

How do you know that your gynecologist or primary care provider knows what he/she is doing? Here are some fast tips to help you decide:

#1, Your doctor should be focused not just on active treatment of existing medical issues but on prevention as well. Preventive medicine is just as effective warding off future problems and requires a certain amount of expertise in female health to master.

#2, A good doctor doesn’t prescribe without explaining exactly why you have to have a prescription for a certain drug. The ultimate goal of prescription medication is therapy – alleviation of pain and addressing the symptoms of disease.

The patient certainly has a right to know what her current prescriptions are for. Explanations should also be friendly to laymen and should make sense to anyone, not just people who have been reading up on their health conditions.

#3, Annual exams are vital for catching possible problems that are just beginning to make themselves known to the patient and the doctor. Some doctors rush through the annual exam and don’t give the patient sufficient time to settle down and talk about what she has been experiencing. It’s important that your doctor is willing to give you sufficient time, always.

#4, A good doctor is also one that is affiliated with esteemed medical organizations and contributes to medical journals and other peer-reviewed publications. If a doctor puts effort in continuing education and sharing one’s expertise formally through the completion of academic papers, then you can expect high caliber primary care from such a doctor because not all of them bother with continuing education and ensuring proper affiliations.

#5, And finally, the best kind of doctor is not only competent and knowledgeable about medicine; he/she must also be naturally compassionate and understanding, especially if the patient is currently experiencing different symptoms that are causing a lot of pain and difficulty in day to day life. The doctor’s main approach during consultations is of utmost importance. The patient must not only feel welcome but safe and secure in the hands of the primary care provider.

Understanding Women Gynecology & Primary Care Services is led by Dr. Keri Sweeten, a female wellness specialist, board-certified gynecologist and the current Vice President of the Phoenix OB/Gyn Society. Dr. Keri believes that medical practice is more than just providing therapeutic care to the sick – to her, medicine can be used to empower women and vastly improve their quality of life. And it all begins with the right knowledge and approach to working with women who seek primary care.

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