Overflow Incontinence

Overflow incontinence occurs due to an inability to completely empty the bladder so there is a constant or frequent small amount of urine leakage. Or the bladder becomes overfilled and the urine leaks out because the bladder can no longer hold any more urine.

  • Takes a long time to urinate
  • Dribbling stream with little force
  • Urinating small amounts and not feeling completely empty afterward

In Dr. Keri Sweeten’s experience, she’s seen many patients overlook these types of challenges, or assume there’s nothing that can be done, and it’s simply a normal part of aging. The fact is, most types of incontinence are both preventable and treatable, and the treatments available are minimally invasive. There are safe, effective procedures that can help you control your condition, be confident, and remain active. Schedule your appointment and talk with Dr. Sweeten today about your symptoms. There is both hope for relief and treatment choices available. The staff at Understanding Women are compassionate about assisting you, and are committed to helping you find the right treatment plan.

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