Planning Out Your Weight Goals For the New Year

Women who want to lose weight need to consult first with their primary healthcare provider before embarking on a weight loss journey. There are some cases when a woman needs to be careful about changing her weight because of an existing medical condition. Heart disease, diabetes, endocrinal disease – all these make weight loss a little more challenging than usual. If you are pregnant and currently obese or overweight, you must consult with your physician/ob-gyn first just to make sure that all your planned efforts will not do any harm your baby.

Weight Loss For Women

The first step in planning you weight goals for the New Year is to get a general checkup. Do you need to lose or gain weight? Everyone’s goals should be unique to themselves. Your doctor will be able to tell you, based on your BMI and the demands of your average physical activities on a day-to-day basis. A woman who is working in an office will have a specific set of nutritional needs compared to a woman who is engaged in bodybuilding. The recommendations for weight loss will differ per person, depending on the person’s lifestyle.

In this article, let’s assume that you are a generally healthy adult female who is a few pounds overweight. What should you start doing to shed the weight? Here are some basic tips:

#1, Drink more water. People find this piece of advise surprising, because they think that the more water you drink, the heavier you become. That’s not really true. Water retention can sometimes be caused by excess sodium intake. If you have a high salt diet, drinking more water can help you get rid of water more quickly, and will help keep your body hydrated.

#2, Start moving more. If you have led a more or less sedentary lifestyle for many years, you may be thinking that you can’t take regular exercise. This is not true. The human body was designed to move; every aspect of the body is designed for mobility. All you really have to do is to start moving. Walking, running, jogging – almost any kind of movement, once repeated long enough, is considered exercise. Just get yourself moving and your body will take care of the rest for you. Start small and build up to consistent activity level goals.

#3, Cook more. This is one of the genuine secrets of successful weight loss warriors who have been able to lose all the excess weight and keep it off. They cook at home. When you cook at home, you have more control of what goes into your food. You’re not trapped by the chemical formulas used by manufacturers when they process food and distribute them to grocery stores. You get to control how much salt, sugar, fat, protein and carbohydrates will go into every meal. With the help of weight loss apps and nutrition databases you will also be able to compute quickly how many calories are going into your meals at any one time. This is the true power of cooking at home. But we know that it can be challenging for many of you because eating out is much easier. Don’t worry: once you get into the habit of things, you will get used to cooking more at home.

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