Primary Care Services At The Understanding Women Clinic

When it comes down to living a healthy, happy, whole life, it’s incredibly important to be on top of our health as we grow older. Proactive efforts go much farther than treatments do. Choosing a primary care service that suits you and your needs as a woman is what it takes to accomplish this. Typically, this service is your primary care contact point, the one you’ll see for day-to-day things and regular check-ups. We’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering our patients primary care services here at Understanding Women within our clinic.

Primary Care Services For Women

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service provided by our specially trained women’s health nurse practitioner. We’re now able to offer full services to evaluate and treat many common health problems, including management of cholesterol, common colds, thyroid, blood pressure, bowel issues, and bladder issues. And, of course, we’ll continue to specialize in gynecology as well.

Our mission has always been to provide women with the highest quality care and service possible, focusing on long-term health and wellness. Our compassion is blended with expertise. We understand that you’re busy and value your time. We’d love to have you sent an appointment today and come in for a consultation. We can map out where you’re at now, and come up with a plan for moving forward.

Since we’re true specialists in our field, we’re able to do many more scans, ultrasounds, and treatments within one or two appointments. We’ll need to have you in for a consultation to get a better idea of your health history first. From there, appointments and check-ups will be much more straightforward. It’s important for us to get a better idea of the big picture, so we can begin to work together as a team to manage any existing conditions or issues, and cultivate a healthier, happier you.

Dr. Keri Sweeten is a board-certified gynecologist, with specialized training. She’s also attended postgraduate courses for advanced procedures, laser treatments, and other surgical techniques. Her focus is to be progressive, while adhering to a high standard in everything she offers to her patients. She and the team here at Understanding Women focus their time, energy and unique talents to offer women the most soothing, comprehensive environment to support overall health and wellness.

Now is the time to call and make your appointment. Please give us a call at 602.393.0661. Once you have your overall health in-check, we have many other treatments and quality-of-life recommendations that we can discuss as you go through the different phases of aging. We’re all in this together, and we’re here to help you thrive rather than simply cope. It’s a fun life we live, and we all deserve to be enjoying it as much as possible. You may also use our private voicemail feature on the right side of our site, by clicking to record. Thank you and we’re excited to have you visit.