Stopflo: An FDA-approved advancement in women’s healthcare

Reclaim a superior quality of life by ending your menstrual flow.

Stopflo InformationBusy women don’t have time to deal with the monthly misery of a period. Are you a woman who has completed having her family or who is beyond childbearing years but still dealing with inconvenient monthly periods? Or, are you experiencing lengthy, heavy monthly cycles that control your life, causing you to consider a hysterectomy to eliminate the annoying monthly flow? Have you, like tens of thousands of women, tried taking hormones, injecting Depo-Provera or inserted IUDs to manipulate or avoid your monthly periods? Finally, you don’t have to settle for these sub-optimal solutions any longer.

Dr. Keri Sweeten understands women’s concerns about ongoing monthly periods. She pioneered her practice around Stopflo™ endometrial ablation, an important FDA-approved technological advancement in women’s healthcare that effectively reduces, and in a majority of cases eliminates, one’s period.

Dr. Sweeten was one of the first physicians in Arizona to perform the advanced technique of radiofrequency and is one of the leading gynecologists trained in this sophisticated minimally invasive procedure that treats and permanently removes the inner lining of the uterus. By using energy to remove the endometrium, this one-time procedure requires no incisions and can usually be performed in less than an hourunder mild sedation in the comfort of Dr. Sweeten’s state-certified facility.

The Stopflo™ procedure has no long-term risks or side effects, does not cause cancer, or affect your hormones.

After a local anesthetic is applied a slender wand is inserted through the cervix into the uterus. Energy is delivered into the uterus to treat the uterine lining as well as seal the blood vessels that supply it. The device is then retracted and removed. Most patients go home within an hour and return to normal activity within one or two days. Stopflo™ requires no pre-treatment and can be performed during any point of the patient’s menstrual cycle. Though this procedure could diminish the occurrence of pregnancy, Stopflo™ is not a form of contraception.

The main reason that the period exists biologically is to act as a nest for a fertilized egg. Once you are finished with having children, there’s no longer a reason to deal with it.

Women can now take charge of their lives and dictate their own schedules when a monthly cycle is no longer interfering. Studies show that women treated with this procedure report a dramatic reduction in painful menstrual cramping and 60% of women report fewer symptoms associated with PMS. Dr. Sweeten has had nothing but positive feedback from her patients.

“Women call me and tell me that Stopflo™ is a real gift; that I’ve changed their lives,” says Dr. Sweeten.

You will no longer have to deal with the unwanted side effects of hormone therapy to regulate your periods or the castrating result of a hysterectomy. Nor will you have to worry about embarrassing situations caused by heavy bleeding. You will have the freedom to wear any clothes or lingerie you desire, to plan vacations and social events without worry, and to spontaneously enjoy intimacy with your partner any time of the month.

You will now have the freedom to fully enjoy a better quality of life.

Relative to cost, safety, simplicity and results, Stopflo offers the same quality of life improvements that other better-known medical services deliver. As word of mouth about the benefits of Stopflo spreads, it is quickly becoming one of the most frequently requested procedures enhancing quality of life, along with Lasik, breast augmentation, and liposuction. “It satisfies the consumer demand for boosting self-esteem, better quality of life and no downtime,” she says. “My practice is all about helping women to empower themselves to look and feel their best.”

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