Top Three Things To Know About Intone Female Incontinence Device

Unwanted bladder leakage – it’s a problem that affects many women the world over. While a number of solutions exist, the results will sometimes vary and for some women, may not even be entirely positive. Surgery is one option, which is not just expensive but also requires recovery time. Meanwhile, pills may be affordable but the side effects can sometimes overwhelm some women. And absorbent pads can get inconvenient and uncomfortable at times. So what other alternative is feasible?

That solution may be InTone, female incontinence device that offers a non-invasive treatment option. This medical device blends muscle stimulation and patient-directed exercises with visual biofeedback. InTone is specially designed to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, all the while calming spasms of the bladder. Here are three things you might want to know about this medical device.

1. The female incontinence device uses a customized home program suitable for you, and as designed by your physician.

InTone provides fitting muscle activation through muscle stimulation, which will allow you to better control your bladder. This is combined with biofeedback in a customized home program, so you’re able to take your InTone sessions in the comfort of your home and then your doctor monitors your progress. The program will be changed as you go along in order to fully maximize results.

Each InTone session will come with voice-guided instruction, coaching you with each step. Each session, which runs for 12 minutes, may be compared to physical therapy.

2. For stress incontinence, sessions may be completed for 90 days, six times per week. For urge or mixed incontinence, sessions may be completed for 180 days.

Using InTone has to be done accordingly so that you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. After the prescribed duration of use has been achieved, you can start using the female incontinence device once or twice a week to manage your condition.

The treatment protocol has to be followed; otherwise, results may not be as favorable as expected. Moreover, your physician will be customizing your program with your compliance in mind. So, as the saying goes, stick with the program.

3. Pre-market testing of the female incontinence device has resulted in positive results.

A 12-week study that evaluated the effectiveness of InTone has resulted in 85 percent of test subjects reporting that their incontinence symptoms have gone. Having used the medical device according to their customized programs and in the privacy of their homes, the women found that InTone can become an effective treatment option for female urinary incontinence.

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