Understanding Women: Dr. Sweeten Recommends the InTone Device for Bladder Leakage Control

Today’s women are plagued with many health risks, and as they get older, the risks increase in number. This is very concerning, especially with the many roles that women take in this life. Deteriorating health is a no-no, as well as other physical inconveniences such as urinary incontinence (which are embarrassing, too).

Dr Sweeten Understanding Women InTone Specialist

Through years of treating and understanding women, Dr. Sweeten, a gynecology specialist and surgeon focusing on incontinence, urogynecology and pelvic reconstruction, is able to recommend the most effective solutions for bladder leakage. From exercises, changes in diet and lifestyles, to devices, Dr. Sweeten knows them all so women can continue doing what they do best and not worry about the discomforts and the uncontrollable and embarrassing functioning of their body.

When it comes to devices for urinary incontinence, Dr. Sweeten recommends the InTone device. This device outperforms other solutions because it effectively combines muscle stimulation and patient-directed exercises with visual biofeedback. It can strengthen pelvic floor muscles and calm spasms of the bladder in order to create more functional voiding.

In order to ensure complete efficacy, the InTone device is not a “one size fits all” solution. It is customized specifically for every patient. After a patient completes a series of private InTone sessions, the clinician will monitor her progress and then modify the program to further improve results.

Another key advantage of using this device that Dr. Sweeten points out is it makes use of voice-guided instructions. Not only does this make private use easier but it also creates a strong psychological impact on patients because while they’re still receiving instructions, the positive outcome of sessions is placed in their hands.

It’s worth noting as well that the sessions can be accomplished at home, creating convenience for busy women who may also be a tad embarrassed to be seen frequently at a specialist treatment center. Plus, these sessions include exercises to complement the muscle stimulation. A combination of these two will allow you to regain control over your bladder functioning faster.

As the condition gets better, patients continue to get support from an InTone Specialist. The entire program is a continuous pursuit of understanding women’s needs and promoting health and preventing diseases in women. Since women’s gynecological health is constantly changing, it’s imperative to provide education and support consistently. All of these come in a package with the device, providing great hope to those whose quality of life has been compromised by the condition.

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