Vaginal Laser Tightening and Pelvic Reconstruction

Vaginal tissue and become weak over time allowing for laxity in the vaginal walls. This laxity can have a negative impact on sexual function and comfort with intercourse. Childbirth, heavy lifting, post menopausal age, and decreased estrogen effects in the tissue can contribute to vaginal laxity.

FemiLift vaginal laser tightening and tissue remodeling treats vaginal tissue weakness and improves lubrication. This in office laser procedure is designed to improve vaginal tightness. The FemiLift does not require surgery, anesthesia, or any downtime. The FemiLift treatment is a treatment performed in the office in less than 15 minutes. The treatment involves painless laser light emitted into the vaginal tissue wall which allows for collagen and blood vessel development to improve surrounding tissue. This development of healthier tissue allows for reconstruction.

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