What Is Vaginal Laser Tightening & How Does It Work?

The effects of child birth and aging are challenging for a woman’s body. Heavy lifting and decreased estrogen in the tissues can also have a negative impact. Our bodies are certainly miracles, yet sometimes they need a little extra help to heal and be rejuvenated. Here at Understanding Women, we offer vaginal laser tightening and pelvic reconstruction. It’s amazing how far laser technology has come in the last decade alone. This laxity in the vaginal walls can have a negative impact on sexual function, and can even cause discomfort during intercourse.

What Is Vaginal Laser Tightening & How Does It Work?

Specifically, the FemiLift procedure is a laser technique that tightens and remodels the vaginal tissue, treating and strengthening the weaknesses, while also improving lubrication. As you can imagine, these are all improvements that help improve quality of life, sexual satisfaction, and comfort. This is an in-office laser procedure that is performed specifically to improve vaginal tightness.

The amazing thing is the FemiLift treatment is so non-invasive that it requires no surgery, anesthesia, or any real downtime at all. The treatment is performed in our office, usually within less than fifteen minutes. Essentially, the laser involves a painless laser light, which allows for improved collagen and blood vessel development, which helps improve the surrounding tissue. The development of the healthier tissue allows for reconstruction, visual and cosmetic improvements, as well as tightening of the vaginal walls.

Most laser treatments developed for vaginal tightening penetrate up to 0.5 millimeters into the vaginal wall. This is deep enough to stimulate the skin where collagen is formed. Before treatment begins, a consultation and pelvic exam is completed. Increased blood flow to the vagina itself helps a lot with sensation, overall health, and sexual satisfaction. This treatment can also help improve ligament health in the area, supporting a healthier bladder with more control. Each patient is different, and multiple sessions may be recommended. The only stipulation is no sexual intercourse for about four to five days after the procedure.

This laser procedure is FDA-approved, and has a high success rate. It’s a great place to start to see if you get the type of results you’re looking to achieve. Additional surgical options do exist, but it’s best to start with the least invasive. Who knows, you may be 110% happy after just a few sessions.

Once again, we can’t stress this enough: every situation is different, which is why we’d love to have you in for an initial consultation. That way we’ll get to talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Please give us a call today at 602.393.0661. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you booked for an appointment. We’re looking forward to having you in soon. Thank you.