What Are A Woman’s Options for Alleviating Sexual Dysfunction?

Our bodies are wonderful, miraculous creations. No one knows for sure how we started out or where we came from, but the more scientists delve into our bodies, the more we figure out about how to improve our quality of life, health, and more. As the body ages, certain hormones and functions within the body begin to slow down, or even stop all together. As a woman ages, certain processes begin to work differently. As a result of this, sexual dysfunction begins to occur in many women.

Without having science on your side, you may begin to think that your sexual prime, pleasure, or enjoyment is over. Here’s the thing though, the more we begin to understand about what processes stop, start, and why, the easier it becomes to turn them back on and rejuvenate them more efficiently. Over time, science and studies are helping us understand what exactly is happening.

Woman Researching Laser Treatments Online

One of the first major dysfunctions within the body is when hormones get out of balance. We all have natural levels of hormones that change as we age. This happens most often when a woman is entering menopause, or there are other factors affecting her health. Here at Understanding Women, Dr. Sweeten has worked with thousands of women over the years. In that time, there has begun to be signs that show early on. These signs and symptoms become clues on how to properly balance hormones. This may be diet and exercise related, or it could be in the form of hormone replacement. The techniques and strategies vary based on the individual.

Another common cause of sexual issues in women is an unbalanced or weak pelvic floor. These muscles support your urethra, bladder and other organs within the pelvis, and also play a major role during sexual intercourse. There are exercises, as well as forms of surgery, which can help restructure and rehabilitate the pelvic floor. This is another situation where the cause needs to be assessed for a treatment plan to be prescribed.

As we age, so do our organs. Since the vagina is one of the most important organs in many different processes, there are a lot of techniques, treatments, and surgeries these days to help improve its overall health. Another common technique is vaginal tightening or reconstruction. This is typically achieved through surgery or laser treatment. Again, to understand the situation best, it makes the most sense to schedule your appointment today. We’re all unique individuals with our own special bodies.

To schedule your consultation today, please give us a call at 602.393.0661. If you’re ready to get to the bottom of your sexual dysfunction, we’re happy to get you scheduled for your appointment today. Properly assessing your unique situation is the biggest key to a successful treatment plan. We look forward to hearing from you.