What Should I Look For In A New Gynecologist?

Many women find it difficult to find the right gynecologist. Due to this, it may lead to a feeling of anxiety or worry. However, finding the right gynecologist is a process that takes time. For most women, a relationship with a gynecologist is very personal and sometimes lifelong. It should be noted that privacy is of paramount importance in gynecology matters. However, due to relocation or a doctor’s retirement, it may become necessary to find another gynecologist. To help keep this process as simple as possible, ask yourself the following questions:

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What is the doctor’s approach to preventive care?

You might be having specific health issues that you would like the doctor to address. Therefore, you would want to know how your new doctor will handle them. For example, if you have a family history of yeast infection or breast cancer, you’ll want to bring these issues up to a new gynecologist first and foremost.

What is the doctor’s approach to treatment?

It’s important for you to know how the doctor deals with prescriptions. It is good to find a doctor who knows how to explain why he is prescribing certain drugs for you. In other words, does the doctor give you a thorough explanation when you ask why they want to give you a drug? In addition to that, does the doctor explain to you in simple term,s so that you can understand?

How much time does the doctor spend with you during an annual exam?

Not only does this question help you to estimate the amount of time the doctor will give you attention, but also it helps you avoid going to a doctor who keeps one hand on the doorknob. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention to feeling dismissed or being told not to worry. It’s important when the doctor respects you and gives you time.

If you feel that a doctor does not spend time with you, then she is not the right gynecologist for you. In addition to that, you are not supposed to feel uncomfortable with your doctor, so feeling comfortable and calm in their presence is key.

Is the doctor published in the medical journal?

A doctor’s solid reputation and good credentials define her. As a matter of fact, gynecologists are supposed to have high affiliations. If a doctor is published either in a medical journal or she is a faculty of a medical school, and/or if she is associated with a prestigious hospital, these are all great signs. Moreover, experience, credentials, and ranking are some of the on top list to look for.

Can I recommend her to a friend?

Can you recommend your gynecologist to a friend? Nothing beats a referral, more especially gynecologists. Besides, you can seek an opinion from other health providers. It is essential that you choose a gynecologist who values you. Once you have found the right doctor, share the information with your friends.


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