Why It’s Important to Visit a Gynecologist for Regular Checkups

A visit to a gynecologist can be considered an important rite of passage for women. This means that your body is maturing, which is both exciting and scary, most especially for those who are unsure about what to expect. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG, the recommended age for the initial gynecologist visit is between 13 and 15 years old. Understanding Women (Dr. Sweeten) further emphasizes that the appointment must be made sooner if the young girl is experiencing early menstrual periods or problems.

Regular GYN Check Ups Understanding Women

However, most women often skip their annual women’s health checkup if they feel healthy. This should not be the case. Experts explain that is very crucial for you to visit your gynecologist regularly for checkups:

#1 Overall Health

Although these visits focus on women’s health issues, they are likewise crucial for good overall health. From checking on your abdomen and lymph nodes to taking your blood pressure to identifying your body mass index, your gynecologist can detect any possible health issues before they worsen.

#2 Tests

If you are more than 21 years old, you need to get a pap smear and a pelvic exam at least once a year. These tests will disclose any abnormalities that might indicate the need for further testing. A pap smear every three years will also help in detecting the presence of cervical cancer.

A clinical breast examination or mammogram will also be done to detect any breast-related diseases. The America Cancer Society highly recommends that women start their annual mammography at the age of 45.

#3 Questions and Concerns

It is not easy to navigate the complex world of women’s health. But if you have any concerns about your health, lifestyle or body changes, your gynecologist will be glad to address such. Whether you would like to discuss fertility issues, pelvic pain or birth control options, your doctor is there to help you. Do not be afraid to discuss concerns or ask questions. After all, your gynecologist is there to guide you in staying healthy as well as making the right decisions about your overall health.

A regular visit to your gynecologist must be an essential component of your healthcare. Its benefits will extend beyond a Pap test because your doctor might be able to discover any medical problem that might otherwise go undetected.

From adolescence to menopause and beyond, experts at Understanding Women (Dr. Sweeten) can help you live a happy and healthy life.

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