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About Dr. Keri Sweeten

Dr. Sweeten has been practicing in the Phoenix area for 25 years, starting in OB/GYN and incorporating integrative medicine; including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, cellular IV nutrition, weight management, peptides and pioneering StopFlo™ endometrial ablation. She is expertly trained in facial/body aesthetics including neuromodulators, fillers, PDO threading, fat transfer, stem cell therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) She also has a background in owning and managing several outpatient surgery facilities and an anesthesia group.

Today, fueled by a personal interest in hormone replacement and aesthetics, she focuses on what means the most to her and what is often neglected, overlooked and poorly understood in medicine, the incredible power that hormones have in changing our body and mind for the best. Hormone management for men and women is the foundation for optimizing physical, mental and emotional health.She also continues to offer select aesthetic procedures to her patients and maintains her skills as a medical director for other aesthetic professionals, hands on training and educating others with courses and one on one.

As an avid athlete, she has had a longstanding personal commitment to fitness, nutrition and anti-aging and enjoys sharing that passion, energy and philosophy with patients for sustainable health, longevity and beauty. “Throughout the years we have seen hundreds of incredible transformations!”

In addition to her medical career she enjoys photography, baking healthy delicious dishes and is a lover of animals, deeply involved in animal fostering/volunteering at several local rescues. She also takes advantage of Nature to recharge by traveling the world, canyoneering, mountain biking, hiking and camping in her orange Jeep and Tepui rooftop tent with her 4-legged lovebug, Mr. Bonz.

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For the love of dogs

Second to her patients, Dr.Sweeten is passionate about saving and providing to each and every dog possible. She rescues and fosters dogs as her hobby, to provide them wonderful love and care until they find their new home.

Animals lives matter, adopt a dog today.